5 tools your car dealership customers are using before they buy a car

Posted by Travis Fitzgerald on Oct 24, 2018 8:45:12 PM

Car Dealership Customers

Today's consumers have more ways than ever to find information on vehicles before they ever set foot in a dealership. Making a sale can be tricky: You want to use your expertise to help the customer find their ideal vehicle, but you don't want to invalidate the hours of research they've put in. That's why dealers should be aware of the various apps, review sites, and comparison tools consumers are using to conduct that research.  

Here's a look at just a few of the sites and new tech tools your customers are tapping into during their online car search:

Kelley Blue Book

Everyone knows Kelley Blue Book. This mainstay of the auto industry has been a reliable resource since 1926, helping consumers find the fair market value of the car they want. Features like Instant Cash Offer minimize time spent in the dealership negotiating trade-in values, and the 5 Year Cost to Own calculator guides personal spending limits.


You can find information on just about any consumer product on Amazon, and cars are no exception. While people still can't purchase a car directly through Amazon Vehicles, they can browse body types, filter by specs, read customer reviews, and more. True to form, Amazon auto research also helps customers find various auto parts and accessories for their upcoming purchase.


Sites like TrueCar let a customer build their dream vehicle and compare pricing based on what other people have paid for the car they want. This allows them to negotiate the best price with their dealer of choice.


Buyers often find customer reviews very helpful, but when they want an expert and objective opinion on the vehicle they’re looking to purchase, they turn to Edmunds. In addition to reviews, Edmunds also offers vehicle and price comparison tools for shoppers.


Insurance is an often-overlooked part of the car buying process, and car shoppers want to know how a particular car will impact their insurance rates. By simply completing a finance application, DealerPolicy’s data science delivers car buyers instant, on-the-spot insurance quotes from multiple carriers.

At the end of the day, showing a customer that you are looking out for their best interest--while trying to save them money--just might help make a sale.

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